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                A visit to the two Slavic European countries, Czech Republic and Poland, entails overwhelming number of site-seeing stops. One of them could be the city of Rychnov nad Kneznou, known as the gate to the Eagle Mountains and is located hundred fifty kilometers east of Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic. The visit of this locality might be an interesting detour on the way to Warsaw, the capital city of Poland.

            Rychnov nad Kneznou has a rich and colourful history which goes as back as 1258 to the first known document acknowledging its existence. In 1488 the town received the right to use the coat of arms with its legendary image of a maiden (virgin) sitting on a deer.

           Eagle Mountains create a picturesque background for the city’s dominating structure - the 18 century chateau of Kolowrat’s - the historical site that includes the Holy Trinity church (1594-1602), the well known bell tower from 1604 having the third largest bell in the country, and an indoor riding arena (1727). Due to the long standing history, the city has many more historical buildings both civil and religious.

            A number of famous people were not only born in Rychnov nad Kneznou but also began their education there thanks to the early establishment of the piaristic gymnasium (1714). To name just a few, Frantisek Pelcl (1734-1801), the first professor of Czech language at the Charles University in Prague; Karel Polacek (1892-1945), the renown writer; and Rudolf Rokl, piano virtuoso (1941-1997). Found in various places of the city, monuments and plaques are lasting reminders of those people.

        Enjoying the freedom since 1989, the contemporary city flourishes in new commercial enterprises, industry, and tourism. The city attracts many visitors because of the given natural setting in the foothills of the Eagle Mountains alongside the many historical treasures built throughout the centuries. Local restaurants engaged in the tourism industry are proud to serve the favourite Czech as well as the international cuisine. Delight in the new experiences!










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